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Why a Yoga Retreat in Chiang Mai Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

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Going on a yoga retreat can make a huge, positive impact on your life, especially if you do it in an environment that is peaceful, calming, and conducive for meditation. Are you planning a holiday soon? Consider heading to a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai. There are many benefits to going on a yoga retreat. [...]

Hotels in Chiang Mai – Making the Right Decision

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Chiang Mai is indeed a fascinating city with different attractions that will delight tourists of all ages. Hotels in Chiang Mai offer a all full range of facilities to accommodate the variety of travelers that visit the city. Choosing the right accommodation can greatly impact on your enjoyment of your holiday in Chiang Mai. Here [...]

Accommodation in Chiang Mai – Discover Northern Thailand

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Chiang Mai is often called “the rose of the north,” and it is the gateway to discovering Northern Thailand’s many charms. Among the many Chiang Mai attractions that you just should not miss is the Mae Sa Valley. It is just 15 kms to the north of Chiang Mai, and it is a fascinating outdoor [...]