Yoga is the art of release. It involves the cleansing of anything and everything from stress to unhealthy practices. It is the study of one’s concentration in the diverse layers of mind, body and spirit. The old Indian tradition of breathing, meditation and movement has now become the sacred ritual for healthy living for millions worldwide.

Opting for a yoga retreat on your holiday is a great way to take your practice to a new level. No matter where you are on the yogic journey, a yoga retreat will help you enhance your experience and offer you insights about yourself. However, finding a good yoga retreat is an important part of getting the perfect holiday. Some tips for choosing the best yoga retreat are mentioned here.

Location: Yoga retreats can now be found all around the world and choosing the right place is one of the most significant aspects of your decision-making process, as it can affect your entire experience. The first thing that comes to your mind while thinking of a yoga retreat is probably some tropical paradise. Nonetheless, retreats are now also available in other exotic locations. This means that you can often choose somewhere where you always wanted to go to on top of the places that you already know and love. If you have a liking for beaches, no place is better than Thailand as the retreats there offer several yoga programs for different needs. They are often just a few steps from your room to bathing in the sea.

However, ever more popular are the retreats to be found up in the mountains of Northern Thailand in the Chiang Mai area. Practicing Yoga amongst the exotic flora and fauna of the foothills of the Himalayas and the gentle smiling Lana people of the region is becoming the location of choice for many.

Look for teachers and guides: You should do some research before finalizing the retreat. Familiarize yourself with the teachers guiding the retreat. You must know about the yogi masters, their years of experience and other such details as well as the cost and the location. Do not hesitate to ask for client testimonials. This is your vacation, and you certainly want to be guided by people that have actually been there and experienced the retreat for themselves.

The level of luxury: A combination of extravagant facilities with a touch of spiritual calmness is what most people will want to look for when locating the best yoga retreats. There are 5-star centers offering yoga retreats with discerning tastes, mountain views, yoga barns, gourmet cuisines and concierge services. On the other hand, you might also like to explore adventure camping options that offer you a combination of hiking and yoga out in the wilderness.

Besides these, there are a few other factors to be considered such as budget, accessibility, and duration of your holiday along with the style and type of yoga. Considering these factors along with the ones elaborated above will surely help you to find the perfect yoga resort and get the most from your holiday.