With all the preservatives in the food we consume and the unhealthy habits we develop, it is not surprising that we develop diseases caused by toxins trapped in our bodies. Make it a habit to visit a detox spa more often. Detoxifying your body every now and then is essential to maintaining overall health. On your next holiday, why not sign up for a detoxifying and rejuvenating retreat in an exotic location like Thailand? Head over to Chiang Mai, where there is a world class boutique spa resort that offers extensive health and wellness packages for those who are looking for a refreshing getaway.

Going to a detox spa for a cleanse every now and then will boost your energy. It can help you on your way to weight loss and improved skin condition. You will clear your mind, and also increase your focus and concentration. Detoxification has also been shown to prevent constipation, strengthen your immune system. In addition it gets rid of any excess waste in your body through colon irrigation.

Colon cleansing is a particularly important step in detoxing.  It helps you body to remove harmful toxins that would otherwise cause harm. Many people report feeling lighter and more radiant after going through detox. Detox also has anti-aging benefits.

One of the best detoxification packages in Chiang Mai already includes everything you need. They provide airport transfer to and from the detox spa resort various spa treatments are available including aromatherapy. They are careful to monitor your health while going through the program. This includes colon irrigation, special healthy juices, meditation, classic Thai massage as well as reflexology.  Herbal treatments such as steam and sauna, body scrub and facial massage will ensure the best results from your detox.

Ban Sabai Village Detox Spa

Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa is the oldest and most well-established spa resort in Chiang Mai. They have programs that range from four days to twelve days. They offer spa treatments, detox treatments, yoga sessions, fine dining, accommodation and much more. By the time you leave, you will feel like an entirely new person. If you are interested in making a reservation with Ban Sabai Resorts, please phone +66 53 854 778 – 9 or email [email protected]. Browse the Ban Sabai Boutique Resorts & Spa website for more details.