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Can I get health insurance?2022-09-24T18:26:13+01:00

Here in Thailand there are only private health insurances available for long stay guests. Most of these are provided by international companies.

As you would expect, as your age increases so do your preconditions for health insurance.  This makes arranging insurance more complicated. On top of that the premiums become high and there will be many exclusions.

Here is  our guideline and proposal for a senior health insurance for reference.

*Note: These details are based on a person 73 years of age. The details can be changed without notice. This is just a guideline to give an idea of coverage and costs

Maximum Limit/person/year 200,000 400,000 600,000
Room and Board semi private or private per day (max 180 days) Normal private room full cover Normal private room full cover Normal private room full cover
Intensive care of other specialialities Full cover Full cover Full cover
Hospitalization expenses Full cover Full cover Full cover
Surgery Full cover Full cover Full cover
Anesthesiologist Full cover Full cover Full cover
In-patient physician’s visit Full cover Full cover Full cover
Emergency outpatient day care Full cover Full cover Full cover
Emergency ground ambulance Full cover Full cover Full cover
Home health care service 30 days, max 2,000 30 days, max 2,500 30 days, max 2,500
Oncology in & out patient Full cover Full cover Full cover
Organ transplantation up to 80,000 up to 100,000 up to 100,000
MRI in case of inpatient Full cover Full cover Full cover
HIV Full cover Full cover Full cover
Kidney dialysis Full cover Full cover Full cover
Preexisting conditions to be considered to be considered to be considered
Waiting period 14 days 14 days 14 days
Second medical opinion Full cover Full cover Full cover
Psychiatry connected to accident or terrorism up to 1,200 per year up to 1,500 per year up to 1,500 per year
US $ 3,400 – THB 125,000 US $ 3,670 – THB 135,000 US $ 3,950 – THB 150,000


When is the best time to move to Ban Sabai Village?2022-09-24T17:41:10+01:00

When deciding when to make the move to Thailand these are some things to consider:

  • Come to Thailand when you are still fit and can explore. Thailand is a very beautiful country and there are so many places to visit.
  • Thailand is a great base from which to explore the east, far-east and Australia.
  • Chiang Mai and its surroundings offer many things to do and places to explore.  There are many short trips that you can take with 1-3 overnight stays.
  • When that is getting to be a bit much, then there are plenty of one day and half day trips available. We also arrange short outings to get some time out and about.
  • When we talk to the long time residence here in Chiang Mai we find that some came early some of them late.  On an average perhaps around the age of 75 is the best time to move.
What are the pros and cons of retiring to Ban Sabai Village?2022-09-24T17:24:56+01:00


  • Worry free life.
  • You can get old with out having to worry about having to move as your requirements change.
  • Receive necessary support and care gradually as you get older.
  • Enjoy life to the full.
  • No cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking. No dish-washing or shopping required.
  • Enjoy a tropical paradise.
  • No freezing or slippery ice.
  • Respectful individual care.
  • If you need something we are here to get it for you.
  • Full administrative assistance.
  • Health assistance  – for doctor, dental, hospital visits with our support.
  • Monitoring of your health status.
  • Support with medication management.
  • Assistance with shopping.
  • Organized activities and sight seeing.
  • Professional Management Structure.


  • You are away from friends and relatives.
  • Potentially more expensive medi care.
  • Language can be a problem if you wish to explore by yourself.
  • For some people temperature in the garden (However, all bedrooms are furnished with air conditioners)
Is retirement / pension income Taxable?2022-09-24T17:10:13+01:00

This can vary depending on your country of origin. It depends on the agreements with the country of origin and Thailand. The best thing to do is to check with your tax and pension experts in your country of origin to avoid any complications.

What about immigration deposit?2022-09-24T17:07:06+01:00

The Thai government asks for a financial security from people outside Thailand who wish to stay for a long time.  if you earn a pension of more than US$ 2,100 monthly, then you do not need an additional bank deposit. If the pension is less than this or if you do not have a pension, then a bank deposit is required.

Which visa type is the best for long stay in Thailand?2022-09-24T17:03:20+01:00

You should apply for a NON-O as this one is easiest to transfer into a one year visa. This can then be renewed on an annual basis.

What about my visa?2022-09-24T17:01:10+01:00

We are very happy to arrange the visa administration for you. All you need to do is apply for a NON-O visa from your departing country. When you arrive we can transform it to a retirement 1 year visa.

Are my medications available in Thailand2022-09-24T16:59:07+01:00

We will see if your exact medication is available. If not then we will check with our medical consultant to determine which available medication would be most suitable for you.

If I need some personal supply what do I do?2022-09-24T16:56:53+01:00

We are happy to go and get it for you.

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