The Ban Sabai  Approach to Yoga

We have crafted yoga retreats that rejuvenate both your mind and body. After a Ban Sabai experience, you will return home fitter both mentally and physically. Our Ban Sabai Village Yoga Chiang Mai packages last for 4, 7 or 12 days. They include:

• Individual Yoga classes

• Healthy breakfast lunch and dinner

• Herbal steam Saunas

• Spa treatments

• Reflexology

• Fruit and vegetable Juices and herbal teas

If your life-work balance is causing you stress and affecting how you live your life, Yoga might be the answer and Ban Sabai, the road to your goals.

There is a deep desire within all of us to connect with our ancient roots, to discover the secrets of the ages and to return to a simpler existence. The practice of Yoga that originated over five millennia ago in India’s Hindu traditions helps us achieve all three at once.

Yoga is the world’s heritage. It has enriched the lives and well-being of countless people of all faiths and creeds across Mother Earth. It is shared freely with you and I because we are a part of the world family.

Why Choose Chiang Mai

Although versatile enough to be practiced virtually anywhere, the myriad benefits of Yoga are most readily attained when it is performed in a tranquil, serene environment that is close to nature.

For that reason, Ban Sabai Village Yoga Chiang Mai is one of the best health retreats Thailand has to offer. The location of the Ban Sabai Yoga retreat is not by random chance; it was carefully and thoughtfully selected after an extensive search.

We catered first and foremost to ensuring that visitors felt that they were away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday existence.

Of all of Thailand’s cities, Chiang Mai offered the best example of quiet, peaceful nature. It is the perfect location to relax and recharge your body’s energy. Within Chiang Mai, Ban Sabai was the ideal choice to settle on for a yoga detox retreat because it is an escape from the noise that dominates life outside.

However, we also balanced the need for tranquility with ease of access and convenience. The Ban Sabai Village yoga spa resort is just 5 kilometers from the center of the city, 3 km to the major shopping complex Central Festival. This way you know you are within the reach of the simplicity of a purer existence, but also the amenities of technology if the need arises.

This combination has led to Ban Sabai being recognized as one of Chiang Mai’s best resorts not only for yoga but for a general escape from a hectic lifestyle.

At Ban Sabai Yoga Chiang Mai, we cater to all yoga enthusiasts. From novices who have never tried it before to casual practitioners to advanced yogis, all are welcome as our yoga retreats are based on individual classes. Our philosophy is to personalize each guest’s experience to their knowledge, innate abilities and to what they want to achieve from Yoga. For a less individual but more cost effective experience we also offer some group yoga retreats. Please check the dates and complete the inquiry form if you are interested.

Each instructor at Ban Sabai has been carefully chosen for their knowledge of the practice and philosophy of Yoga. We concentrate on the two yoga practicing styles Hatha and Vinyasa. Apart from that, we select individuals who have the inherent ability to understand and empathize with the individual needs and expectations of our guests.

To ensure this superior level of expertise we insist that all Ban Sabai instructors are periodically assessed and given additional knowledge that they can then impart to guests like you.