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Recharge Your Health and Wellness on a Chiang Mai Vacation

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Taking a vacation every now and then is essential if you are serious about living a healthy life and achieving a finely-tuned work-life balance. So, go ahead and give yourself a break. Why not consider a Chiang Mai vacation in a luxury Thai spa resort? This northern part of Thailand has plenty to offer—from shopping [...]

Accommodation in Chiang Mai: Plenty of Options to Enjoy a Holiday in the Mountains

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Also known as The Rose of the North, Chiang Mai offers tourists plenty of options when it comes to luxurious accommodation. Why not stay in an opulent resort on the stunning foothills of the Himalayas? From rejuvenating spa packages to luxury resorts there are plenty of reasons to look for accommodation in Chiang Mai. You [...]

Find Your Inner Calm with Revitalizing Chiang Mai Yoga Retreats

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Chiang Mai is a prime holiday location amidst the Southern Himalayas.  Furthermore it has some of the best wellness resorts in Thailand. They provide health retreats and yoga sessions to rejuvenate and revitalize your body, mind and soul. In addition these yoga resorts can be found in different many areas around Chiang Mai. Yoga programs [...]