Staying in a health resort for a few days is fun, relaxing and will improve both your mental and physical health. One of the best places to find such a resort is in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Health resorts have all the services and amenities you need to give your overall well-being a boost. Maintaining good health does not only involve attending to your body. Your mental health is just as important. Having a healthy mind can increase your motivation, energy levels, and ability to do daily cognitive tasks. Your psychological well-being affects the way you see yourself and the world, the way you deal with different external factors, and the quality of your social connections. This is why it’s important that you unplug from stress and treat yourself to a healthy getaway once in a while—and there is no better place than Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is located in the North of Thailand where the local people have developed natural treatments and therapies as a daily approach to good health over centuries. It is embedded into their culture and needless to say they have developed their skills to a fine art. Set against a backdrop of lush rolling mountains teeming with flora and fauna, all the natural ingredients required for massage oils, skin care, detoxification and herbal treatments are all available on the doorstep.

The best Chiang Mai health resort will also provide yoga classes to help with the mental detox so necessary with the constant strains of living with digital devices.  Health resorts in Chiang Mai specialize in relieving stress through a variety of holistic therapies and treatments including yoga, meditation, spa treatments, detox packages and therapeutic massages. The resorts are set in peaceful environments often with the gentle sounds of water features, birds and the wind in the trees as your background music.  Some health resorts also have swimming, dipping and whirl pools as well as well-equipped gyms where you can have a more demanding cardio-vascular work out.

One of the best health resorts in Chiang Mai is Ban Sabai Village. This world-class health resort offers yoga retreats, detox packages, and spa treatments designed for the enjoyment and well-being of its guests. Combine your holiday with a relaxing health retreat that will help you relax, re-charge and re-vitalize before returning home. Check out Ban Sabai Village resort and spa in Chiang Mai for further details.