Yoga has the power to heal the entire person from the inside out. For centuries this ancient art has restored men and women enlightened enough to practice it. There is no better place to enjoy your yoga practice than Ban Sabai Village Resort, Chiang Mai Thailand.

Ban Sabai Village Resort is the perfect place to rejuvenate your body and spirit. While you are here, relax and allow the stress of the outside world to melt away. The surrounding Himalayan beauty lifts the mind to a higher state of being, and our yoga instructors are happy to offer yoga sessions tailored to all levels of experience and ability.

Let us lead you on a journey to revitalization through yoga practice. At Ban Sabai Village Resort you can experience the best yoga retreat in Thailand while indulging your senses with the luxurious amenities our resort has to offer.

We offer many different packages for the convenience and enjoyment of our clientele. Retreat options include a 4-day, 7-day, and 12-day yoga retreat, includes daily individual Yoga classes, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner to support a healthy and energetic lifestyle. We match each guest on a retreat with one of our excellent yoga instructors, for an experience tailored especially for you. We look forward to creating your individualized retreat package.

When you arrive for your retreat, prepare to feel pampered. Each day you are here with us at Ban Sabai Village Boutique Resort you will enjoy three deliciously prepared and presented meals, each individually tailored to help detoxify your body while tantalizing your palette. You can expect breakfast, lunch, and dinner to be light yet satisfying traditional Thai cuisine.

Each day you and your instructor will meet for a focused and personalized yoga practice. Your instructor is knowledgeable and will adjust any lesson for your specific needs. Allow us to accommodate you by specifying your desired level of exertion and activity. As our guest, we wish to fulfill your desire for a truly renewing experience; it is our privilege to help you refresh your body and spirit.

Additionally, guests at each of our yoga retreats have access to all of our resort’s amenities. Our goal is for you to have a completely immersive experience as our guest on one of our yoga retreats at Ban Sabai Village Boutique Resort. Indulge yourself with a spa treatment or reflexology session. Help cleanse your body with our delicious juices or herbal tea. Relax with some time in our sauna or take a dip in the sparkling waters of our pool.

While all of this luxury sounds expensive you will be pleasantly surprised to find that we offer some of the most affordable yoga retreats in Chiang Mai. We are aware that you have choices for yoga retreats when visiting Thailand. At Ban Sabai we provide inclusive, affordable yoga packages that ensure that our guests receive maximum pampering and service at minimal cost.

Let us help you refresh inside and out. We encourage you to contact us for information and to help you plan your yoga retreat with us. For hundreds of years, people have practiced yoga for renewal in body and spirit. It is our honor to continue this tradition with you, Yoga might be the answer and Ban Sabai, the road to your goals.