Chiang Mai, popularly known as the cultural capital of Thailand, is one of the most-visited cities in the kingdom. Tourists love to explore the rich cultural heritage of the area and sample the delights of traditional Northern Thai hospitality. The many activities available are a great way to satisfy your adventurous side– hot air ballooning, white water rafting, bungee jumping, night safari and trekking are just some of the exciting possibilities. For those seeking to relax, there are excellent spa resorts to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Some of the must-visit places in the country are found near Chiang Mai, making it the preferred choice of many tourists for accommodation. Tourists can easily find a range of luxury hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, inns, and lodges for their stay in Chiang Mai. However, many people have found extra benefits when they stay at spa resorts.

Here we list a few reasons why spa resorts in Chiang Mai provide good accommodation options.

  • Many Spa resorts in Chiang Mai offer multiple accommodation types to choose from within the same property. They offer a selection from luxury villas, family suites to furnished suites and rooms. You can make choices based on your budget and preferences. Some of the luxury villas have sauna and steam rooms in addition to treatment day beds that the guests can use during their stay.
  • Many of the spa resorts offer all the required modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, air-conditioning, private bathrooms, tea and coffee maker, etc. Guests can stay comfortably at spa resorts while they are in Chiang Mai and they provide good bases from which to explore the beauty of Northern Thailand.
  • The best spa resorts also offer shuttle services to the city center. Guests can use this service to easily enjoy some Chiang Mai nightlife. Take advantage of this service when you want to shop in Chiang Mai since it is a popular shopping destination as well.
  • Some resorts are based to the north of the city which puts you in easy reach of the main tourist attractions centered on Mae Sa and the valley of Samoeng.

Whether you are into adventure sports or like to visit places of historical value, there is something for everyone in Chiang Mai. And when you stay at a spa resort, you can make use of spa services to relax after the exertions of exploring the city or the excitement of the local attractions. Maybe you would want to take a day off form sightseeing and completely relax at the resort.  Grab a recliner by the pool and enjoy some spa treatments such as full-body massages, body wraps and scrubs.

Ban Sabai Village resort and spa is one of the oldest and most well-established spa resort in Chiang Mai. They offer a comprehensive range of amenities like spa treatments, detox treatments, yoga sessions, fine dining, accommodation and even Thai cooking classes. If you are interested in making reservations with Ban Sabai Village, please contact them at +66 53 854 778 – 9, [email protected] or visit Ban Sabai Boutique Resorts & Spa.