If you are planning a visit to Northern Thailand you may well ask the question – Where is the best place to stay in Chiang Mai?
Chiang Mai has so much more to offer than the historic city itself. Choosing where to stay might not be so obvious as you discover more.


For many the opportunity to enjoy the mountains that surround the city is the main attraction. Trekking and hiking are obvious activities but this is often combined with visiting the many and divers hill tribes that have made northern Thailand their home for centuries and who continue to uphold their ancient customs and way of life.

The Samoeng Valley

Driving north from the city center visitors to Chiang Mai will come across the Samoeng Valley. This is known locally as the Tourism Valley. It has a range of interesting and exciting activities. The X center jungle adventure features a bungee jump and off road vehicles. There is a shooting range, elephant shows and riding, the Tiger Kingdom, Orchid Farms, Snake shows and monkey shows. You can discover waterfalls and visit the wonderful Queen Sirikit Botanical gardens.

You can spend literally days experiencing all that this area has to offer.


Chiang Mai is surrounded by golf courses many of which are highly rates. Some of the best are found to the north of the city and welcome tourists. The Green Valley Country Club, The Lanna Golf Course, and the Royal Chiang Mai Golf Course are among the best and are all situated north of the city.

Day Tips

Many visitors are attracted to Chiang Mai as it makes the perfect base from which to explore the greater area of Northern Thailand. The highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthernon, to the south is certainly worth a visit. However many take the roads north up to the wonders of The Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai and The White Temple, ancient hill tribes national parks and an excursion to Thakhilek in Burma.

With so much to do north of the city you might do well to consider somewhere just north of the city limits when choosing the best place to stay in Chiang Mai. The Ban Sabai Village spa resort is perfectly situated within easy reach of the city but with fast access to all that the north has to offer. It has world class spa, yoga and detox facilities. On top of that it has a private swimming pool, the Orchid restaurant and luxury accommodation. However for many of its guests its northerly location is what makes it the best place to stay in Chiang Mai.